• Hey, I created another blog -> scripts.lukeleigh.com
    • That’s a bit strange.
  • Is it?
    • Yes, surely one blog would have been enough?
  • Well, yes but there were, “reasons”……honest 👌

Over the years, I have created a rather large collection of admin scripts, functions etc. Until very recently, this wasn’t what you would call tidy. I had made a rather minimal attempt at filing and it had become difficult to navigate and indeed locate the particular PowerShell code I required.

Things I did

  • Sort through scripts, removing duplications and remnants of unfinished and unusable code.
  • Format the code in all PowerShell scripts to remove the use of aliases and cryptic variable names.
  • Test and repair all remaining scripts, functions etc and remove any unfixable/duplicate code, where similar scripts existed with different names.
  • Catalogue and file each script, function etc. and separate into functions, scripts, tools and snippets.
  • Each section was allocated a web page and each script has been indexed to make it easier to access the relevant function etc.

That’s great Luke.

  • But surely they exist elsewhere already?
    • Of course.
    • Many of these scripts are available elsewhere but many I have written myself and some I have simply been very lucky to have saved as they were found when looking for something else.
  • Surely they can’t all be that useful.
    • There are over 300 different scripts and generating the content has taken some time to complete.

But you already have this blog

I do already indeed blog here but what started as an exercise in filing became much bigger when I thought it would be nice to share my tools. Creating a new blog site solved two problems. 1) I now have a much nicer and easily navigated index for all my PowerShell tools and 2) it was less work to create the content on a much simpler themed blog.

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Sharing is caring!

I have used many of these scripts over the years to assist in securing active directory and managing a PCI Compliant infrastructure. I am sure however that there are many useful tools that I hope this new site will help to make them more widely available to other IT Admins and budding PowerShell developers.


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What’s next?

I will continue to update the new site to include information about each script and some examples for each commands use. The resources page is currently just a very large list. I will also categorise this, to make it easier to follow.

There will also undoubtedly be some more blog posts.

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